WinWinLabs Collaboration with UNCW

By: Admin Admin

on 05/11/2020

WinWinLabs' collaboration with the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where students are using and improving WinWinLabs as a use case in Human Computer Interation (HCI), aka UI/UX, is an ideal way to test and iterate a new business model.

WinWinLabs' system provides everybody with the opportunity to learn about web design, programming, site testing, tags and analytics, devops (development operations), by working on this real project, which is a win/win for everybody.

"The site is improving literally daily, thanks to the young minds who are contributing to turn feedback into site enhancements", says Scott Jewell, WinWinLabs' executive director. 

The collaboration will expand to include a longitudinal study, and regionalized hubs to help bridge the gap of accessibility for underserved segments of the population.