FIRST Robotics Competition Approved Supporter

By: The Admin

on 02/17/2022

If you have never been a mentor or student for a FIRST Robotics Competition season, then you will have a hard time relating to why we value FIRST so much. Imagine what you will be forced to learn, having only 6-weeks between the kickoff, when the rules are announced, and finishing a very complex and intelligent robot with autonomous and teleoperated modes, sensors and feedback loops, hardened mechanical drive systems and devices designed for very specific purposes.

We won the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition in Colorado                                We won the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition in Colorado

Many of our team members are FIRST mentors, alumni, or current students, so supporting many individual FIRST Robotics teams, FIRST Corporate, and providing the FIRST family with unique opportunities, those are just some of our goals. For students we have scholarships, internships, and career paths to expand and capitalize on what they have learned. For mentors, we have opportunities to apply your skills to real projects.