Development Process Enhancements

By: The Admin

on 02/16/2022

We have been using a development environment that is modeled after many of the companies at the leading edge of agile development best practices. We are currently doing one-week sprints, at least until we go-live, then will re-evaluate. This process flow has made a huge difference in our productivity.

We will soon provide a great opportunity for people to learn about web development and some of the key processes and terminology.

Our process, in a nutshell:

  1. Install and run Docker 
  2. Use git to clone the master branch repository into your branch (or a new feature branch)
  3. We use Gitlab to manage issues (tasks) and prioritize them 
  4. Develop front and/or back-end
  5. TEST on localhost
  6. Push changes to appropriate branch (auto-build occurs in background)
  7. TEST on server
  8. All approved commits get merged into a release branch
  9. TEST all commits together
  10. Release branch merged to master branch
  11. TEST master branch
  12. master branch merged to the live-site
  13. Rinse and repeat