$1 $1,000 Type of Game prize

1st Puzzle Fundraiser - Win $1K

The game card image IS the puzzle image, which will help you a lot, but a 7x7 grid is still not...

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Apply to become a Game Creator

We want to provide people with the opportunity to create their own games, either using our game...

$0 $0 Type of Game free

Play our puzzle game for free

The goal is to solve this puzzle faster than everybody else. Since this game is free, and there is...

$0 $0 Type of Game free

Play our 2048 Game to 512 for Free

The goal with this game is to be the fastest to get to the winning tile. In this case it is 512. We...

$0 $0 Type of Game free

Try our challenge game for free

These games can include trivia and long-form responses. In games where answers are subjective, game...

$0 $0 Type of Game free

Experience our Minecraft Games for Free

Try out a Minecraft minigame for free! Currently only works with Minecraft Java. The game type is...

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