WinWinLabs Distributes Solidworks Premium Student Licenses

By: Admin Admin

on 06/27/2022

We are raising funds to build a pond skimmer, a remote controlled sidewalk and driveway plowing robot, and solar panel protective netting, for solar farms in areas prone to hail, and for the tens of thousands of high-end homes built along golf courses, where the owners would be crazy to invest in solar panels without protecting them. We know from experience.

The functionality and variety of software that is included is incredible:

  • SW Premium
  • SW SIM Premium (Flow, Motion)
  • SW Electrical Pro
  • SW Visualize Pro
  • SW MBD
  • SW Plastics Premium
  • SW Composer
  • SW CAM
  • MySW for Students

We only have a limited number of licenses to distribute, so if you wish to win one of the licenses, we have created a competition here: Solidworks Premium Student License Competition

You may also want to check out this competition, if you want to get paid to work on real mechanical projects:
Solidworks Education License and Opportunities