• Play Minecraft for MoMs, and Win a New Xbox Series X

Play Minecraft for MoMs, and Win a New Xbox Series X

Zombie Blitz Game

$500.00 winner's prize value
 of $5,500.00
Game Ends When Fundraising Goal Reached
Play Game | $1.00

WinWinLabs Fundraising System
Creators Beneficiary

Play Minecraft, Zombie Blitz, to help fund our WinWinLabs Meetings of the Minds (MoM) experiences.

Prize Description

This is the newest Xbox gaming system.

How will this prize be awarded?

We will drop-ship the gaming console to the address of your choice.

Terms and Conditions

We will provide a 1099 for any income or prize value worth over $600. You are responsible for paying income taxes as an independent contractor.

Financial Breakdown

# of Winners
Total number of winners
WinWinLabs Fundraising System
Money that creator's beneficiary wins
Money that the game creator wins


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