Meeting of the Minds - Hawaiian Style

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on 02/09/2023


My dream of bringing people to Hawaii, to be your Big Island tour guide, mixing business and pleasure in the evolution of WinWinLabs, is finally on the calendar.

This is an all-inclusive experience, with flights, transportation, lodging, food, and experiences included. The dates are June 16th to the 26th, set to coincide with many schools' spring breaks. Three people will be chosen who are not already collaborating with WinWinLabs. 

Sound appealing? We invite you to throw your name in the hat, by playing our "games" that are intended to help us select the right mix of people and skills. If you know of someone who would be a great fit for our Meeting of the Minds, please share this post or these links:

What will we do for 10-days on the Big Island of Hawaii?

On the tourist side, the options are almost endless. The Big Island of Hawaii has all but two climate zones, arctic and desert. We can hike to hidden waterfalls, eat SPAM musubi (if you are THAT adventurous), attend a traditional lūʻau, watch lava erupting (if it is), go to almost 14,000 feet above sea level and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Whales, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, wild goats, turkeys, and pigs, just to name some of the wildlife. Notably, some of the highest rated white sand beaches in the world are within 15 minutes of our lodging, so relaxing on some beaches and playing in the waves are definitely on the list.Everybody will understand the true meaning of "Hawaiian Time" when they leave. 

On the business side, we will brainstorm, develop, test, plan, learn and refine. There will be structured events and tasks intended to help WinWinLabs evolve, with a good dose of Hawaiian time thrown in for maximum creativity.

We are excited to provide these unique experiences. If this sounds like a good mix of business and pleasure to you, and you believe you will be an asset in such a creative environment, then we encourage you to put your name in the hat.

Mahalo, and we hope to meet you in Hawaii in March!
Team WinWinLabs

P.S. - This will be an ongoing theme, with different events in different locations for different purposes. If you want to propose a Meeting of the Mind event, please send an email to [email protected] To search for other MoM events search for “MoM” in the game search.